Protect Your Ears!

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 in News

Chris and Wally attended a concert last night at the Orleans Arena.  The bands were excellent but the sound production was a disaster.  The past few years we are finding a trend that the sound is getting worse and louder at major concert events.  We know it’s not cool to wear ear plugs, but consider doing something to protect yourself.  It’s frustrating to us to think that we are exposing ourselves as musicians to possible long term hearing damage by attending one concert that is ruined by lousy sound production.  Don’t get us wrong…we realize as musicians that the music needs to be at a loud enough level to experience the emotion being projected.  We are starting to wonder though, if all sound techs have severe hearing loss.  Go to the following link to get a little education on “Dangerous Sound Levels” and start forming your own opinion:

As music educators and producers, we at Hanson Music Studios are very interested in keeping as much of our hearing ability in tact.  How about you?  If you find yourself at an extremely loud concert and haven’t brought ear plugs, visit the restroom and wad up a little TP.  Works great, and you can actually hear the music better…try it, you’ll like it.  Stay tuned for a major article on the subject in a few weeks.


  1. You should be aware of the volume of the music you are mixing. The louder you listen to your mixes, the easier your ears get tired. After mixing for a few hours at an ultra high level your ears don’t respond as well to frequency nuances and you won’t be able to make the correct judgement calls your mixes need.

  2. Nothing is more disappointing than to buy a ticket then wait for your favorite artists to play Vegas. Just as the band is on the stage and the moment finally arrives. The band begins to play and you hear the first sounds (which is the entire reason for attending the concert) only to find poor quality of sound which ruins the entire experience.
    Loud is not quality.
    What can the “sound guys” be thinking?

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